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The CEBR also collected a data base that has information regarding new business ventures. In this case, our survey includes specific questions that facilitate the analysis of the performance of these firms in their respective markets. These factors are related to the individual and their business features. In the case of the former, we have included some issues related to the person’s profile. For the latter, our database has information regarding to the firm, its type of society, financial and organisational characteristics (corporate governance), as well as the use of new technologies and the export behaviour. These information covers two time periods: the start-up stage and the year 2006. This differentiating characteristic in our data allows the creation of robust analysis that are expected to shed some lights about the impact that ownership structure, the access to finance, the use of new technologies, as well as the participation in international markets have upon business growth and performance.

Growth Rate Employees Romania

Source: Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR)

As in all our products and services, superior quality in our research on this issue is guaranteed since we base all our research documents based on both a consistent theoretical framework, and the most suitable and robust econometric techniques.

We, the CEBR, are also convinced about the need for supporting those individuals that show a clear entrepreneurial intention. Thus, we aim to provide robust background to these people aiming to improve the decision making process linked to their new venture.