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Entrepreneurship is no longer an abstract concept. It has now become a common objective that has entered the agendas of most policy makers of all administrative echelons, up to the most remote rural localities. The growing awareness over the last decades of the importance of new enterprises and small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) within economic development has been confirmed by many researchers. In this sense, empirical findings from academic research have demonstrated that increase levels of entrepreneurial activity may have positive repercussions on employment generation, on economic growth, and on innovation.

This has led many public administrations, from all political ideologies and of all administrative levels, to develop policy favouring and stimulating the creation of new enterprises.

In this sense, one of the main objectives of the CEBR is to support research on entrepreneurship and regional development. To attain this goal we will use our entrepreneurial data set to create research documents related to these topics in Romania.

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