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The growing awareness over the last decades of the importance of entrepreneurial activities and business economics within economic development has led many public administrations from all political ideologies and of all administrative levels to develop policy favouring and stimulating the creation of new enterprises.

Nevertheless, the widespread interest in entrepreneurial start-ups, business economics, as well as the policies that affect them has not been matched to a corresponding research effort by academicians, policy makers and practitioners.

Our motto is Knowledge is power, because we believe who accesses the information first is who calls the game. Hence, our core product is the knowledge derived from our information-based assets.

We provide to our customers (policy makers, academicians and private firms) with an extensive and unparalleled range of business and market research capabilities across all market sectors, ensuring that we are able to provide them with consistent and accurate market information, research documents, business analysis, and consultancy.

In the CEBR we have two databases to develop our services:

  1. CEBR Entrepreneurial Database: This database contains information for more than 2,000 individuals from all the Romanian regions. This dataset was designed to provide information about selected performance and organisational characteristics of Romanian small and medium sized enterprises, as well as of their corresponding entrepreneurs.
  2. CEBR Industry Outlook: This database comprises detailed organisational and financial information for more than 600,000 Romanian enterprises for the period 1999-2006. An important characteristics of the data from the CEBR lies on the consideration of surviving and non-surviving firms, a fact that permits us to study trends in business creation, as well as to examine those structural factors that exert an effect on business creation and performance.