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We define our mission in terms of quality of information, since we aim to provide to our customers high-quality qualitative and quantitative information related to Romanian individuals and enterprises, in order to promote academic research and business analysis.

We know business, not just research; we help clients to derive real value from market research. We ensure that they can better understand and address the business and marketing issues they face.

In today’s dynamic global markets, finding clear answers regarding the marketplace is a complex challenge. Our services help clients to make and carry out business decisions in fundamental areas.


As regard our vision, we want to create and develop a robust competitive advantage based on our main assets, information and knowledge, aiming to be the top ranked firm in the information market in Romania.

We are totally involved in what we do, and we do it with passion. We consistently give our best. We strive to demonstrate excellence in everything we do.

We work as a team where everyone helps and supports each other, sharing knowledge and best practices.

Our clients` businesses deserve out total and absolute commitment. Our goals are mutual goals.

We believe that different circumstances require different approaches. That`s why we address each client differently, selecting the best research solution to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We believe that listening to our clients to understand their needs and objectives is the most critical step in developing a win-win working relationship and, most importantly, desired results.