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One of the main objectives of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR) is to disseminate social sciences research carried out in Romania. To attain this goal, we promote the early distribution of research findings by publishing working papers that will address different topics related to several research fields as entrepreneurship, gender related issues, business economics, production analysis and regional studies. Later, we expect that the documents derived from our research efforts will be published in academic journals. This will produce the necessary feedback to bridge the existing information and knowledge gap in what concerns the Romanian markets, and it will lead to the creation of networks which are expected to increase the research possibilities as well as improving the outcomes derived from our research centre.

Through our research efforts, we can acquire a better understanding about the processes, roles and differentiated effects that both market conditions and support programmes have upon entrepreneurial activities and regional development.

In addition, from our data sets it will be possible to examine the effects that both individual and organisational characteristics have on firm performance. We can also evaluate the impact that foreign investment has on the stimulation of small business activities.


Public Policy:

In this case, we evaluate the effectiveness of those measures which aim to support organisations and associations for self-assessment. From our analysis it will be possible to derived recommendations for more effective assistance program design.

This issue is especially relevant in the new Romanian context, where the integration to the European Union appears as a clear source of development. Consequently, we also believe that there a need for evaluating the impact that governmental support programmes have on macro public policy - economic and investment - on SME (Small and Medium sized businesses) development. In addition, from our research we expect to gain insights into the effects of policy and economic changes on the support programs and functions.