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Businessmen, researchers,  academics and individuals in search for information often have to answer apparently simple questions such as "what is the size and structure of the market I am participating (or planning to)?", "what is my market share and what are my competitors` shares?" and so on. These may sound like simple questions but in some markets they can be very difficult to answer accurately.

Also, having established the size and structure of the market, it is important to understand the processes related to evaluation and firm performance. New questions arise this time: "how do customers buy/select products and services?", "what do customers think of new technologies/developments?", "where do customers go to find out their suppliers and their products?" and so on.

Thus, information is a key asset since it facilitates both market evaluation and analysis for researches and policy makers in various fields of interest (e.g., health economics, productivity analysis, economic behaviour, micro-economics, regional studies).

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR) has been created to facilitate the access to information for academics and practitioners. Our aim is to provide high-quality information to businesses, academics and individuals, in order to make informed business decisions and more accurate market and academic research.

Consequently, our core product is information at both the individual and the firm level. In the case of the former, the data we collect allows to create (longitudinal) datasets at the individual level which is very important since it allows for developing studies in different academic fields, as entrepreneurship, demography, regional studies and economic behaviour, for instance. Also, the longitudinal approach of this first product permits the development of studies on economic behaviour, as well as on the impact that certain policies may have upon individual`s welfare over time.

Concerning information at company level, our qualitative (organizational features) and quantitative data (production process and financial data) will be useful for both academics and practitioners. We expect that our clients increase their understanding about the complexity of different markets so they can make decisions and choose actions that will increase firm financial and productive performance.

Our products are oriented to very heterogeneous markets: universities, firms, individuals and finally, the team members of the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Research.

We include the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Research itself as a customer, since we also aim to develop research projects focused on different academic fields, as follows: entrepreneurship, gender related issues, business economics, production analysis and regional studies.