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Small and medium sized firms (SME’s), together with family businesses, are called to be the engine for economic development. From academic research we know that their success is in large part explained by the characteristics of the entrepreneur. Consequently, the CEBR is convinced about the need for creating robust research related to entrepreneurship and performance of recently created firms.

In this sense, the CEBR’s entrepreneurial data base has information for more than 2.000 individuals from all Romanian regions. In the interest of following a rigorous methodological approach, we clearly differentiate those individuals who are either involved in entrepreneurial activities or recently created a business, from those who are not entrepreneurially active.
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Source: Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR)

Our survey, entirely developed by the CEBR, covers several issues related to the individual’s profile. Also, our datasets have information about the different factors that motivate individuals to be engaged in entrepreneurial activities. These factors have been widely used by academicians, and they include social traits, as well as economic and family-based issues.