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Organizations expend significant resources to acquire and build databases, but often fail to ensure that they remain accurate and up to date. In addition, organizations wish to target new business sectors, but both the lack of information about specific industry sectors and the lack of appropriate economic and statistic tools prevent any industry analysis, a fact that might negatively affect any decision making process at the strategic level.

In this sense, we offer to our corporate customers appropriate and up to date market analysis derived from our prospect databases which can be used to make a more robust decision making process. The CEBR has two main assets that ensure the quality of our products. First, the CEBR has a database containing information for nearly 600.000 established firms in Romania. This database represents our key asset, since it allows the CEBR consultants to provide robust consultancy services including market, performance and efficiency analyses. Second, all CEBR members have a solid formation on economics and statistics, a fact that enables us to make use of the most sophisticated statistic and econometric techniques to build and support our analyses.

These key assets and solid qualifications allow the CEBR offer useful products to support any strategic decision making process for our corporate customers.

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