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The CEBR has a rich data set including qualitative and quantitative information for nearly 600.000 Romanian firms operating in different economic sectors. It is important to remark that our qualitative data includes the main features of the firm, i.e., its start-up date, legal form, location, main economic activity according to the European standard system for industry classification (NACE code), number of employees, as well as the participation in stock markets and international activities. Quantitative data refers to the firm’s financial statements, which includes detailed balance sheets and income statements.

Another relevant differentiating feature of our data sets is linked to our interest for developing longitudinal analysis. Thus, the CEBR data base includes information for the period 1999 – 2005. In addition, our data base will be periodically updated in order to ensure that we have the most reliable Romanian data base, a fact that leads to the development of robust research.

The valuable information created by the CEBR allows us for undertaking cross sectional and longitudinal research in several fields linked to business economics. It is important to remark that all our research will have a solid theoretical framework, and we will make use of the most robust and updated statistic and econometric techniques available, according to the specific requirements of each of our working papers.

Consequently, our research effort aims to shed some lights on issues related to gender and performance, corporate governance, business economic performance and productivity analysis.