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One of the key factors in driving efficient economic investments is to understand the key business demographics and trends of an area or region. Many potential investors and other organisations wish to know the number and type of businesses in a given area.

Our report, entitled “Business Formation in Romania: Determinants and Regional Patterns”, encloses historical data (for the period 1999 - 2005) which can be used to demonstrate business activity trends in the area.

Likewise, our document helps provide answers to key questions rising for business people as:

  • What is the proportion of firms operating within the main urban centres of the different Romanian regions?
  • Where are the most profitable companies located?
  • Does labour productivity differ across Romanian companies?
  • What is the role played by highly-skilled labour force in firm’s performance? And,
  • Why some Romanian regions exhibit higher rates of returns to human capital investments and R&D?

Therefore, the valuable information presented in this report definitely constitutes a key tool for improving investment decisions in Romania.

Our reports, that can be customised to fit specific needs of our clients, can also have important implications for policy makers. Here, it can help in identifying and developing clusters and concentrations of businesses, as well as identification of gaps in the local business demographic, to attract businesses to the local area and develop the local economy. Moreover, we make use of robust econometric techniques to test for the presence of regional economic convergence, in terms of labour productivity and Gross Value Added.

Hence, our report provides the ability to analyse the dynamics of businesses within Romanian regions, which can be used to assist in formulating Economic Development Strategies.

From our website you can access a brief summary of our results on business demographics in Romania. To order our report please contact the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Research (CEBR). For more information about our products, please contact Esteban Lafuente (CEO): Esteban.Lafuente@kfacts.ia.ro